Drive for Excellence – Artist Highlight: Tut The God

The craft of hip hop is a never-ending journey of discovery. There is always something more, more to learn, to develop, to hone and to grow with and from. When an artist is aware of this they achieve an almost zen like state of mind where everything is practicing greatness and each product of this process is quickly developed to be exceptional and then quickly moved on from to achieve the next level of success.

Check out why Chicago, Illinois artist Tut The God living in New Mexico is the topic of discussion and why New Mexico is paying attention.

Tut the God exists in a space that is fraught with challenges for artists who are not native to the State of New Mexico. He is an outsider from a hip hop mecca and resides in a State that is often behind the times in terms of resources, structure and trends. This can be a challenge but for Tut the

God it may just be a stepping stone. He has an ability to craft a project from start to finish all on his own. He is a writer with a pen that has a developed understanding of what makes music lyrics pop. He is a sound engineer and producer with the chops to produce for anyone in the State. He is a rapper and singer with the skills to go toe to toe with anyone. He is familiar with industry standards, has a well rounded knowledge of the business aspect of the music world and continues to develop himself daily. With this incredible talent he does not seek to throw his skillset around with arrogance but rather seeks to help develop those around him and challenge the State to be a better version of itself.

You can hear the evolution of his music from the beginning of his catalog to his latest project. Check out Standing Ovation here and see why this notable artist is being talked about over at Arrogant Marketing and why his music is making waves throughout the region.

Arrogant Marketing-Standing Ovation


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