OPPINION: Let’s talk about lists…

Lists lists lists… When one thinks about lists many things come to mind. Groceries, things to do, places you want to go… Typically lists bring organization, and potentially even reduce stress… but sometimes lists can twist the underpants of potentially sensitive individuals in ways that just not a lot of things can twist. It’s no secret that artists are very sensitive (emotionally speaking), and artists typically respond very strongly (emotionally) to lists that they’re not included on. While some artists respond very gracefully to these emotions, some respond very… dramatically.

Recently I myself was guilty of creating one of these such lists… of a particularly underpants twisting variety (check out the bottom of this article to see my list). This list was made in a moment of spite towards a specific individual (who shall not be named), for the purpose of listing other individuals who I believed to be of a superior caliber (lyrically, musically, and in terms of having that *it* factor). Despite the fact that this list was created to give evidence on why a particular individual was being (subjectively) delusional… it reached a whole plethora of individuals who were offended by it. If I can describe it metaphorically speaking… it was like starting a forest fire in a circle around a grove of trees that I thought were particularly beautiful, because I didn’t like this one particular bush claiming that it was the best plant in the whole forest… and after I started the fire, all these other plants that were great in their own way… started getting burned. 

Just because this one bush claimed that it was the best plant in the forest was definitely not a reason to light a match to the WHOLE FOREST… but here we are. Yes, the strong plants will survive this (and might not even notice), but a lot of plants definitely got… their underpants twisted.

If you’re a plant in this forest just remember, these flames are only imaginary and metaphorical. You’re not on fire unless you choose to be…. but please, let these flames consume you, because as destructive as forest fires can be, they also make room for new growth. Take that as you will.

Yes there will be many more forest fires… and yes… there will definitely be more twisting of underpants… but let’s remember… that the only metaphorical forest fire worth getting your underpants twisted over is The New Mexico Hip-Hop Awards.

PS. I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrible fire that tore through Ruidoso and the surrounding areas… please consider visiting this news article HERE to learn how you can help.

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